Friday, November 21, 2008

NANCY Allen says Lioneld Jordan is Fayetteville's best bet

Hope you don't mind an endorsement and plug from me for the runoff mayoral race.

I have never done this before, but I have never been on the City Council before and will not be again. So, I feel I have a "one time" unique perspective.

My Council seat is beside Dan Coody's. Lioneld Jordan is the vice mayor. So when the Mayor is out of town, I sit beside Lioneld.

The first time that occurred, Lioneld pulled a crinkled dollar bill out of his pocket and said to me, "The buck stops here."

Mayor Coody has never done the same, literally or symbolically.

I have heard Lioneld say, "I made a mistake."

I have never heard that from the Mayor. If there is a problem, Dan Coody blames the Council.

I have never heard Lioneld be rude to others on the Council.

Our mayor has been condescending and patronizing when an alderman asks a question which a constituent wanted answered.

For example, the $60 million plus sewer overrun or the hotel that became a hole in the ground.

Lioneld has never missed a Council meeting and has monthly Ward meetings to keep in touch with people in his Ward.

The Mayor was in France last year during budget time.

Lioneld conducted the budget meetings. Working together with the Council, Lioneld produced a balanced budget.

Lioneld Jordan cares about ALL the people of our city. I have never known a more pure public servant. Lioneld is a good listener. He will work from daylight to dark for us. He will work to create a better economic base so that our people have decent paying jobs. Lioneld is a fine and ethical man with a pure heart. I hope you will join me in voting for my friend, Lioneld Jordan for mayor of Fayetteville on November 25th. He has experience you can trust.

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